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O2art was founded in 2011. The word “oxygen” refers to the vigorous and vital element in nature, bringing in the freshness and power of oxygen. We aim to integrate top art resources, including art galleries, art agencies, artists and curators etc., in a variety of ways, explore all possibilities and diversities of promoting projects for contemporary art, and build a professional art company to manage artists, launch independent art projects and provide consultation for corporate collection. By means of managing artists and launching art projects, O2art promotes professional artists with unique, original styles, and prudently selects to agent refined works of art with academic values. In the past four years, we have successfully promoted several artists with dozens of elaborate exhibition projects, exposition projects and corporate collection lectures, and recommended nearly 1000 pieces of contemporary artwork to art agencies at home and abroad, high-end corporate collections and professional collectors. It’s our duty to win artists and their works more opportunities and get them recognized on the platform of O2art, and it’s our direction to explore new business model of art on the basis of academic judgment.