<Exhibition Preview>"Seven Ways--Image-Making and Its Discontents" is coming soon in Times Art Museum


The exhibition <Seven Ways--Image-Making and Its Discontents> which sponsored by O2 ART will be open at 2:00pm,October 26th in Times Art Museum.

Artists:Chen Chunmu、Huang Yishan、Li Chao、Li Rui、Lu Zhengyuan、Wang Daishan、Zang Kunkun;Academic advisor:Shu Kewen;Project Curator:Cai Wenjuan;Curator:Wang Xin

Exhibition works

Left No.1:Bathroom with Frosted Glass  Huang Yishan  Mixed-media on Canvas  80x100cm  2010
Left No.2:Cold Fragrance Li Chao  Oil on Canvas  230x170 cm  2011
Right No.1:Float Light No.4  Wang Daishan Oil on Canvas 160x110cm 2011
Right No.2:The Order of an Artifical Flower  Lu Zhengyuan  Oil on Canvas/Deskined Hare,Artifical crystal  30x30cm  2011